Accelerating Your AWS Cloud Innovations with FPT

As the first ASEAN-headquartered company to be named AWS Premier Partner, FPT helps businesses make full use of AWS as the innovation platform for digital transformation

FPT – Accredited partner to foster your cloud journey


Consulting Partner

  • Migration Competency
  • Solution Provider
  • MSP Partner
  • Marketplace Seller
  • Public Sector
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Agility for Growth

Fast realization of cloud adoption and innovations from FPT, coupled with speedy mobilization of cloud infrastructure from AWS[/fpt_advanced_textbox_item][fpt_advanced_textbox_item title= »02″]

 Optimized Cloud Investments

Architectural assistance from FPT & AWS Solution Architects….[/fpt_advanced_textbox_item][fpt_advanced_textbox_item title= »03″]

Enhancement via Automation

Adopting Cloud best practices from FPT’s wide range of AWS-compatible solutions like: cloud migration, Self-service portal, cloud load testing[/fpt_advanced_textbox_item][fpt_advanced_textbox_item title= »04″]

 Security on the Cloud

Combing AWS’ security & compliance measures with FPT’s expertise in Cloud Security via a comprehensive Service Level Agreement with proactive notifications;[/fpt_advanced_textbox_item][/fpt_advanced_textbox]

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AWS Experts[/fpt_counterbox_item][fpt_counterbox_item]





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FPT provides end-to-end AWS migration solutions for large scale Microsoft, Oracle and SAP workloads, with budgeted cost and high efficiency.

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FPT provides enterprise-grade, end-to-end services to effectively manage cloud resources & applications effectively.

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Our mission is to bring blockchain to customers, deliver platforms and services that any company – including ledger startups, retailers, banks, etc. can be used to improve shared business processes.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions using AWS service such as AWS Connect, Lex, Polly, Rekognition and Sagemaker

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FPT offers solutions based on AWS IoT Device Gateway, Greengrass and Lambdaprocesses.

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Big Data

FPT offers solutions utilizing AWS EMR, ElasticSearch, Athena, Kinesis, DynamoDB and S3 that can help customers unleash the power of data.

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Our Success Stories

See how FPT accelerate clients’ journey to cloud

AWS Managed Services For A Leading Japanese Online Market

FPT brought self-developed internal platforms and tools to maintain and monitor their whole system including: EC2 amazon linux server; Oracle databases; MySQL databases; SVN; Gitbucket; Redmine.
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Building a new system on AWS Cloud

FPT provides the client with new system that provides applications and contents to hundreds of thousands digital TVs and mobile devices.
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Stable and secured cloud management in multiple AWS accounts

FPT Software consolidated cloud resources and streamline all workflows to facilitate the management of the infrastructure with much faster development lifecycle.
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See how FPT accelerate clients’ journey to cloud

« We see FPT as a key partner of ours in order to help us to build our capability and allow us to take our product and move it into different environments, different markets »

Mr. Craigh Schnuriger, Head of Development, MedAdvisor