Account Delivery Manager

Full time
Paris, France
Job Description
  • Build and maintain productive relationship with customers.
  • Develop customer strategies for performance metrics, escalation management, and communication.
  • Act as main point of contact for customers regarding business service issues, questions and concerns.
  • Determine budget and timeline for business service delivery
  • Monitor and control expenses.
  • Recruit and lead cross functional teams to meet business goals.
  • Identify gaps and develop corrective plans.
  • Coordinate and lead account service team to ensure cost effective and timely delivery of business solutions.
  • Develop and maintain service delivery plan and strategic account plan.
  • Perform customer negotiations as and when needed.
  • Analyze their organization’s computer needs and recommend possible upgrades for top executives to consider
  • Plan and direct the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software
  • Ensure the security of an organization’s network and electronic documents
  • Assess the costs and benefits of new projects and justify funding on projects to top executives
  • Learn about new technology and look for ways to upgrade their organization’s computer systems
  • Determine short- and long-term personnel needs for their department
  • Plan and direct the work of other IT professionals, including computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts, and computer support specialists
  • Analytical skills. IT managers must be able to analyze problems and consider and select the best ways to solve them.
  • Business skills. IT managers must develop and implement strategic plans to reach the goals of their organizations.
  • Communication skills. IT managers must be able to explain their work to top executives and give clear instructions to their subordinates.
  • Decision making skills. Some IT managers must make important decisions about how to allocate resources in order to reach their organizations’ goals.
  • Leadership skills. IT managers must be able to lead and motivate IT teams or departments so that workers are efficient and effective.


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